Awe inspiring Goa in spring season

Goa is perhaps the best destination to enjoy spring in western India. The beaches of Goa will be without the scorching sun yet pleasant enough for a sunbath. An excellent hideout for honeymoon as well, as couples will experience the lakes and waterfalls at their best. Sometimes mild rainfall is expected before the onset of summer. Being a coastal region, Goa enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. But, mercury may shoot up to 30 degree Celsius between May-June. Monsoon begins by July and lasts until September. The best time to be here is February-April.

When to go

Tourism in Goa  is concentrated between October to March.

Places to stay

Goa has a number of hotels, resorts, cottages, guest houses and beach shacks offering accommodation to tourists. Top hotels in Goa are Taj Holiday Village, Shangrila Beach Hotel, Park Hyatt Goa, Hotel Mandovi and Panjim Inn.

What to Visit

There is a list of places to visit and tourist attractions in Goa.

Goa churches The churches of Goa are monumental legacies that are worth exploring. Old Goa is particularly a hub of prominent churches and basilicas and is dubbed as the Basilica of East. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of St Francis Xaviers, ruins of St Augustine Church and Reis Magos Church are some of the top basilicas in the state.

BeachesBeaches in Goa are the ultimate hideouts on a spring break. The umbrella shades in Calanguate and the palm groves of Anjuna are filled with tourists relaxing in the afternoon. Water sports is also a favorite pastime for them. It is the time for snorkeling and scuba diving apart from boat rides. Spring night parties are also popular at Anjuna, Vagator and Calangute beaches.

Springs, waterfalls and lakes in Goa – If you have thought Goa be only about beaches, it is time to have a tour of the many lakes and springs around Goa such as Mayem Lake, Carambolim Lake, Kesarval Spring and Pomburpa Spring. Two popular waterfalls in the region are Arvalem and Dudhsagar.

Goa forts – The fortified palaces appeal to visitors in all season and they are an integral part of the state’s culture. Aguada Fort, Cabo De Rama, Cabo Raj Niwas and Tiracol Fort are some of the sought after attractions.

Goa also celebrates several harvest and religious festivals in spring season, one being Shigmo. The confluence of cultures and traditions are best reflected in Goa festivals.


Shigmo – festival of spring in Goa

Shigmo is the ‘Holi’ festival for Goans and carries the same significance as ‘Vasant Panchami’ in north and eastern India. Shigmo is the festival of color, music and feast. Folk dance in groups of 100 and road parades are an integral part of this spring festival in Goa. The festival is significant for farmers who welcome spring as a time for regeneration of plants. Tourists can well be an audience to this spectacular show during their visit in the month of March.

Other forms of entertainment in Goa are night parties on the beaches, bird watching, cruises on Mandovi River, water sports, discotheques and wildlife safari.


Shopping in the spring season will be a remarkable experience mostly because you can walk around for longer time without perspiring unlike summer. Most markets in Goa are reasonably priced and you can bargain well for garments, jewelry, hats and silver trinkets. The Friday market in Mapusa and Flea market of Anjuna are famous.

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Go Goa this summer!

Honeymoon or a special vacation, summer in Goa will make you thirsty yet with a craving heart to explore. Goa travel for this summer is not without some exciting packages for the memorable occasions in your life. Hats and umbrellas with the splashes of cocktails and cold drinks, Goa packages include all facilities to supplement your stay at the beach paradise in India. Pristine beaches with silky sand, you indeed leave foot prints on the sands of Goa.

The amazing experience of the lagoons, lakes, and beaches come alive with your stay at the Goa hotels and resorts. Indian Holiday brings an array of hotels to choose with variety in price and facilities. If you are planning for India travel, chance is that you land up in Goa without know where to go, stay, and see. Indian Holiday has many Goa packages for sightseeing, excursions from Goa, and hotel stay. Experienced staff and representatives assure you a safe vacation with family and partner.

Goa tour packages rescue you of the hassles that worry a traveler, especially new to Indian culture. Packages vary from 15 nights/16 days to 7 nights and 8 days including trip to Mumbai and Cochin. The urban life of Goa has an aesthetic blend of urban life, beaches, and the old village lifestyle integral to the state. No soon, you reach Goa, you realize that beauty of nature is not the thing reason why you are there. You have scores of landmarks to see, old churches to pray in, and the forts still having the scars of powerful battles and British colonialism. The old churches in Goa stand as memorabilia of the Portuguese sense of art and architecture. The domed structure reflects the Roman architecture most similar in the cathedrals and chapels. A visitor stands appreciative of the monuments, their designs, and the marvelous work of art.

Luxury hotels in Goa are the cocoon of comfort with spas to rejuvenate you, parlor, swimming pool, bar, lounge, and banquet facilities. Leisure tourists just out from the madding crowd enjoy the bliss at the palm groves and lawns adjoining these hotels and resorts. Goa packages for hotels are not without the room comforts and other amenities making your trip worth every penny. Delicious seafood, dance at the ship deck off the Mandovi shores, the skyline, beaming with the beauty of the place. Your journey to Goa is eternal for the time you spend, the resorts you relax at, and the photos that give you a smile!!

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